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    Artists’ exhibition フィンタン・ウィーラン

    Artists’ exhibition フィンタン・ウィーラン


    ( Artists’ exhibitions  Fintan Whelan  English version is available below.)







    彼の作品Personal Structuresは、ヴェネツィアの宮殿のひとつ、パラッツォ・バンボをその美しい姿で満たし、世界から訪れた多くの鑑賞者は、彼の作品の、時にダイナミックで、時に静謐な世界に身を置くことができた。



    フィンタン・ウィーランは現在もグループ展に参加中で、ドイツのベルリンの ARTES Berlinに、2023年1月23日まで作品を公開中だ。





    Okura Arts’ partner artists are highly acclaimed throughout Europe. Among them, Fintan Whelan is one of the most active artists on a very global scale.

    Born in Ireland, based in Germany, the highlight of Whelan’s activities this year was, above all, his invitation to the Biennale di Venezia.

    His work “Personal Structures” filled Palazzo Bambo, one of Venice’s palaces, with its beauty, and the many visitors from around the world were able to immerse themselves in the sometimes dynamic, sometimes serene world of his work.


    At the beginning of December, a solo exhibition was held in Göttingen, the Netherlands, in one of Göttingen’s oldest buildings of the city.


    While Whelan has just finished this succesful solo show, he has also been participating in group exhibitions and his work is on view at ARTES Berlin in Berlin, Germany, until 23 January 2023.


    Whelan has also been invited to an artist residency in Newfoundland, Canada, from April 2023. We can’t wait to see how his work will change with new inspiration.




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