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    For business owners

    A work of art can be the face of a company when displayed in its lobby; it can become a source of motivation and a rallying symbol in a meeting room; it can also be a source of calm for employees when displayed in a break room. Art, in short, can depict both the daily life within a company and its future.

    You wish to acquire a contemporary work of art to celebrate an important milestone in the history of your company, such as the move to a new office or the celebration of an anniversary?

    Feel free to contact us for a quote.

    Modern office interior design

    Our artworks in your offices : clients’ pictures

    Unite and Grow Inc. Tokyo  JAPAN


    Nicolas Ruelle’s artwork was installed in the office of the CEO.

    The blue based colour looks great on the large wall and seems to open a large natural window into the functional business space.

    We believe the organic shades and textures of the artwork bring new inspiration to the business.

    For architectural and interior design firms

    Please contact us to discuss your project, whether it is a residential home, a hotel, a retirement home or a public space. We will provide you with a quote. We are also able to work on large scale, multiple jobs and long term projects.

    b2b - architecte outsite-co-R-LK3sqLiBw-unsplash
    b2b hopitaux mateo-fernandez-XTC538P_eWk-unsplash

    For doctors, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes

    Having a work of art displayed in a waiting room can be soothing and comforting for both the patients and their visitors.

    We also offer a selection of artworks suitable for inpatient wards, hospices and other places where patients stay in the hospital.

    Feel free to contact us for a quote.

    For restaurant, cafe or beauty salon owners

    Decorate your establishment with contemporary art and create a space that will enchant your customers. No other decorating element can match the beauty of a unique and original work of art.

    Feel free to contact us for a quote.

    b2b restos ostap-senyuk-yow4azBP8k-unsplash