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    Our services

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    Art Advisory

    Whether you are buying art online for the first time, to decorate your new home, for business purposes or as an investment, our experts are here to help you with your specific needs regarding your collection. Our experts will be happy to help you build your collection according to your requirements.

    We are also happy to offer a tailor-made service for the creation of commissioned works of art.

    If you are interested in a piece of art that has already been sold, or if you would like to purchase a similar piece of art in a format more suited to your space, please contact us.

    We would be happy to develop a project with and catered to you, taking into account your creative wishes and the availability of the artist.

    Click here to contact us. 


    We also provide framing services.

    In order to avoid any damage during transport, the artwork is first taken to a framer, before being delivered to you. Please allow an extra week to 10 days in addition to the expected shipping time.

    If the artwork has already been framed, we usually send it as is.

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    Payment methods

    We use Stripe, PayPal, Visa, Master Card and other credit cards as secure online payment methods.

    If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please transfer the money to our bank account and send us a proof of transfer. Please note that you are responsible for the bank transfer fees.


    A receipt will be sent to you with your order. This invoice can also be sent via e-mail.

    Delivery time

    Each work we deliver is an original piece uniquely produced by the artist, with the exception of engravings and photographs which have a very limited number of editions.

    Given this and the fragility of these works of art, we take the greatest care in preparing their delivery.


    The process begins within 48 hours of receiving your order: the work is then packaged, and export forms are prepared if necessary. It then takes a few days before the work is picked up by the shipping company. Finally, intercontinental shipping takes at least a week – this time frame is shorter when shipping within the European Union.

    Because there are several steps in the delivery process, it is unfortunately not possible to give a precise delivery date and time. As a general rule, it is best to expect a delivery time of about 10 to 14 days.


    If your artwork needs to be framed, please allow a few extra days to a week for it to be shipped to a framer first, before being delivered to your home.

    If you want your artwork to arrive in time for an important event or project, we advise ordering well in advance and informing us by email of the urgency of the situation.

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    Shipping process

    Once the order is placed, we notify the artist of the sale. The work is packaged, pick-up of the artwork and other formalities are arranged.

    It may be necessary for us to apply for an export license for the work, depending on the artist’s country of origin.

    Shipping. Transit, customs.

    Home delivery : direct or via the framing agency

    Additional fees

    Packaging, shipping and customs fees, as well as insurance costs are included in the price of the work.

    If the work is delivered outside the European Union, there will be no European consumption tax to pay.


    For Japan

    The buyer must pay the import tax, which is due when goods worth more than 10,000 yen are imported into Japan. Like the domestic consumption tax, the maximum rate of this tax is 10%.

    This import tax can either be charged directly by the carrier at the time of delivery, or it can be sent to you by mail at a later date. If the receipt is sent by mail, you can pay the tax charge online or at a local store upon receipt of the invoice. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Return policy

    You may return your artwork within 14 days of receipt.

    If you wish to return a work, please contact us immediately.

    If you wish to return a work because it was damaged in transit, please send us a photo of the damaged work.

    We will arrange for the return of the artwork, once it has been repackaged in the same condition as it was originally sent, and we will cover the cost of the return.

    Return process

    When the artwork is delivered to your home, please open the package carefully so that the artwork is not damaged. Check that the artwork meets your expectations.

    If you wish to return a work, please contact Okura Arts within 14 days.

    Packaging, reusing the original material.

    After agreeing on a pick-up date, we will arrange for an agent to come and collect the work from your home.

    You will be reimbursed once the work has been collected.

    Commissioned works

    Perhaps you have fallen in love with a work that has already been sold, or you like the style of an artist and would like to order a work that would fit in your living room, or perhaps you would like to decorate the walls of your workplace?

    You have a particular vision for the work of art you would like to commission? We can make it happen.

    We would work closely with our artists in order to ensure that the result would meet your expectations, taking into account their creative process and availability.

    We will send you photos throughout the creative process, and you will be able to make changes if necessary, before the work is delivered to you.

    Click here to contact us for a commission.

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    Commissioned works : a step-by-step guide

    At first, you will share with us your inspirations and your needs (dimensions etc.) while specifying the artist that you wish to commission for the production of the artwork. We will continue our exchanges in writing, by phone or videoconference in order to best meet your expectations. Click here to contact us.

    A meeting is then scheduled with the artist. We will then confirm if the creation is possible according to your specificities, and we will give a provisional delivery date as well as the price of the work.

    After reading and accepting the terms and conditions, you will be asked to complete the payment.

    We will send you photos throughout the design process, so you can follow along and make changes if necessary.

    If, after completion of the work, you wish to alter it, a new arrangement must be made with the artist.

    Once the artwork meets your expectations, we will then arrange for its delivery. Please note that it may take some time for a work such as a painting to dry. If you are not satisfied with your order, you may cancel it within 14 days of its delivery.


    A very appreciated customized assistance at the time of the purchase and for the choice of the frame. The joy of discovering in actual size the photographic diptych by Philippe Brame, which brings together two cultural and spiritual universes.

    A.I. - Belgium

    The artwork arrived safely. The atmosphere in a room changes a lot when a piece of art is exhibited. Thank you very much for your steadfast communication..

    K.S. - Japan

    The artwork is very nice. We are very satisfied with the result of our purchase. It looks even nicer than online and fits perfectly in our living room. Thank you for your service.

    J. K. - France

    The work arrived safely. It is so beautiful !!!! A very big thank you to you and to Josiane Torman!

    V. J. - Germany