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    Casimir Bationo “CasziB.”

    Painter | Burkina Faso & France


    Awarded artist
    International Exposure


    The contemporary painter Casimir Balibié Bationo [CasziB.] is originally from the Lélé Tribe in Center-West Burkina Faso and was born in Adjamé (Ivory Coast) in 1982. He now works and lives in Ouagadougou.


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    After immersing himself in the worlds of painting, life drawings, photography, lighting and motion pictures, he then formally attended a 3 years training in contemporary painting, acquiring crucial techniques to perfect his art and unique style.

    Having lived in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and Morocco, and traveled multiple times in Europe, the United States and South America for exhibitions, CasziB. has gathered a wealth of knowledge, insights and inspirations for his art. Indeed, his unending creativity and prolific imagination feed on his constant exposure to different people, cultures, struggles, arts and intellectual concepts encountered throughout his nomadic life.

    His painting, like life, is universal and always in motion, deeply embedded in the actuality. Via colorful tones and rhythms, faces made of shadows, blurs and contrasts, CasziB. expresses his vision of an Africa in action strengthened by its values and shadowed by the western cultural background. He paints the clashing and the crossing of those cultures.

    Discovering CasziB.’s painting is like going through the stories and imagining the destinies of these faces with piercing eyes that challenge you to venture on this haunting journey and at the same time full of grace, full of delicacy.

    CasziB. is a painter of the “sensitive”, the references to which he appeals are intimate and current but also totally universal and tell the story of all: the relationship of man to nature, to others and to his emotions, racism, love, homelessness, migration, human rights, social struggles, family, environment…

    The images and subjects of his paintings appear in a constant agitation, in a movement of blurs and colors in profusion as if the dreams of a lifetime were taking shape here and now in an immediate, obvious form. The paintings of CasziB., deeply singular, allow multiple journeys, endless discoveries. To accept the invitation of the artist to a crossing between these faces, is to accept to embark on a journey which raises interrogations but which also triggers desires of
    meetings, where the hardness is confronted with the beautiful and where the delicate triumphs over the violent.



    2009 4th prize at the Ouagadougou Plastic Arts Festival

    2007 2nd National Grand Prix of Plastic Arts (GPNAL) in Burkina Faso

    Permanent collections

    City hall of Saint Laurent du Maroni (French Guyana)

    City hall of Villeneuve les Avignon

    Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center

    Solo exhibitions


    « Multiplicité » at Akazi Gallery (Atlanta – USA)

    Tuscon African Art Village (Arizona – USA)

    Maison de l’eau in Allègre les Fumades (France)


    2021 « Rite de passage » at the French Institute of Meknes (Morocco)



    Gallery Pink Dog in Asheville (North Carolina – USA)

    Tuscon African Art Village (Arizona – USA)

    Tucson Arizona Theatre Company (Arizona – USA)



    Camp de la Transportation in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni (French Guyana)

    Gallery 2 Sun in Tucson (Arizona – USA)

    Tuscon African Art Village (Arizona – USA)



    Serengeti Gallery in Capitol Heights (Maryland – USA)

    Tuscon African Art Village (Arizona – USA)



    Galerie KALBASS’ART in Clécy (France)

    11th Meeting of Contemporary Arts– Art en Vrac in Salies de Béarn (France)

    Kanyon Joint Idea in Istanbul (Turkey)

    Gama Gallery in Istanbul (Turkey)

    At Mimi Wolford’s – director of Mbari Institute in Washington (USA)

    Tucson African Art Village (Arizona – USA)



    Galerie Bab Mansour in Meknes (Morocco)

    Espace St Laurent in St Marcellin (France)

    Tucson African Art Village (Arizona – USA)



    Maison de l’eau in Allègre les Fumades (France)

    Galerie Léty in Vienne (France)

    « Traverssias » at the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center in Maputo (Mozambique)

    Tucson African Art Village (Arizona – USA)



    « Traversées » at the Galerie Rêves d’Afrique in St Etienne (France)

    Tucson African Art Village (Arizona – USA)

    Art Gallery En Beauregard in Montreux (Switzerland)



    Galerie Jardin des Lilas in Kinshasa (DRC)

    Fondation Bras Ouverts in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)



    Festival Sabar international in Belley (France)

    Galerie Du Forum in Chambéry (France)

    Espace Culturel Jean Salles in Ste Foy les Lyon (France) as part of the « Festival Caravane Des Cinémas Afrique » – Guest of honor of the festival



    « Chemin de parole » at the Galerie Une Image in Saint-Etienne (France)

    Cité des Arts in Chambéry (France)

    Group exhibitions & residences

    2022 Solid’art 2022 in Paris (France)



    Art Montpellier 2021 – Mediterranean Fair of Contemporary Art (France)

    Solid’art 2021 in Montpellier (France)

    Artistic residency at the Réservoir in Sète (France) / Exhibition at the Serre Montpellier in the context of the France – Africa Summit


    2020 Charity exhibition for the benefit of associations fighting against violence and injustice towards black Americans “In Solidarity” organized online by Pink Dog Creative – Asheville (North Carolina, USA)



    Galerie Nelly Wandji in Paris (France)

    Galerie Louchard in Paris (France)

    International Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Africa at the Cultural Center of the Hassan II Mosque Foundation Casablanca (Morocco)


    2017 Residency of creation and exhibition – ARKANE MAROC in the village of Ait Ben Haddou (Morocco)

    2016 Galerie Une Image in Saint-Etienne (France)

    2015 Residency and exhibition – 4th International Meeting of Contemporary Art in Brazzaville (Congo)

    2014 Ecos do mar at the Franco Mozambican Cultural Center in Maputo (Mozambique)



    Exhibition in Siegen-Wittgenstein (Allemagne) – Theme : Mask – Kunstprojektaus Burkina Faso

    Residency and exhibition at the French Institute of Burkina Faso (Bobo-Dioulasso) – 5th edition of the “Gnanamaya” meetings

    2011 Residency at the Festival Meltin’art in Marseille (France)