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    Christophe Verot

    Photographer | France


    Awarded artist
    International exposure


    Christophe Verot is a photographic artist whose work is nourished by the dialogue with Asia. His “Wabi-sabi” series was born after a stay in Japan.

    His works are already integrated into a black floating frame (a framing technique that allows the work to stand out by maintaining a gap between the work and the frame), which allows them to be hung as is.


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    Still life

    Christophe Verot’s artistic universe is part of a permanent search for a minimalist composition with pure lines that calls for spirituality.

    At the crossroads of Western and Eastern influences, chiaroscuro plays an essential role in showcasing the highlights of the works.

    In his still lifes, the meditative meticulousness with which Christophe envelops everyday objects allows, by neutralizing the original colors and materials, the focus of the eye on the colored element – fruit, leaf, flower – highlighted in the composition, an element sublimated by a color, a unique color, of an intensity with hypnotic power.

    The viewer’s attention is then captivated by this semi-abstract atmosphere, in a fascination conducive to meditation.

    Sometimes it is a food that is thrown into the light. Food that is at the same time material, spiritual and cultural, it symbolizes what nourishes life and creation in a world of impermanence and emptiness.

    In this interplay of contrasts, light and shadow, straight and curved lines, concrete and abstract, the monochrome seems to abolish the space-time references that are familiar to us: we sail in a world where Christophe Verot’s art is a combination of photography, painting and sculpture, giving free rein to the imagination of the visitors who are overwhelmed by what his work emits above all:

    Peace and serenity      


    Text by Joëlle Le Luyer




    4 photographers, Beauté du Matin Calme Gallery – Paris, France

    International Art Shopping Fair,  Carrousel du Louvre – Paris, France

    Promenade artistique – Molineuf, France


    2020 Guest of honor, member of the jury of the photo club of Saint Cyr – France    



    Objectif Photo – Saulgé, France

    Still Life (solo exhibition), Antiq & Thé – Romorantin, France

    Le printemps de la photographie et des arts – Romorantin, France

    Spring of poetry – Vineuil, France



    Lights and Shadows,  Galleria Merlino Bottega d’Arte – Florence, Italy

    Les ateliers s’emportent, L’odeur de la Couleur – Vendôme, France



    1st prize author International Still Life Competition – La Rioja, Spain

    3rd prize International Still Life Competition – La Rioja, Spain

    Member of the jury VIPA International Photo Contest


    2019 Nominated FIPA (Fine Art Photography Awards) category Fine Art Still Life



    2nd place IPA (International Photography Awards) category Fine Art Still Life

    3rd place Mondiaphoto “Ça se mange”


    2017 “Christophe Verot : Photographer of the week” ” Glorious still life props: review on still life photography” “ Still life is still alive”

    2016 The ” Between Nature and Culture by Christophe Verot”