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    Jenna Delattre

    Painter | France


    Young talent
    Production of postage stamps


    Jenna Delattre is a 35-year-old self-taught painter born in France near the English coast in the seaside town of Calais, where lace is made. Now based in Bordeaux, she paints women anchored in reality but whose heightened emotion makes them almost dreamlike. Her only guides are her soul and an intimate color palette. With sorrowful nostalgia, each of her paintings invites the viewer to an emotional journey. Painting women is an obvious choice for her. The handling of the subject is delicate, with finesse. It aims to abolish barriers and stereotypes to convey the strength of emotion and human transcendence.


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    Childhood and career

    Born near the sea, from a meeting between the countryside and the city, she grew up with a mother who loved interior design and a father who was a painter in his spare time. Her parents work on transforming run-down houses into blank canvases, even painting frescoes on the walls themselves. 


    A hypersensitive child with a free spirit, at the age of 7, she asked to stop attending art school, preferring to create freely on her own and without instructions.


    She has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in marketing and business (Institut d’Administration des Entreprises – IAE Lille). She started her career as a senior executive in the fashion world. But it is through travel, artistic encounters and painting that she really blossoms.


    She became an illustrator and graphic designer, and it was not until September 2021 that she presented her work for the first time in a Parisian exhibition. Her subject and source of inspiration: women, as they are. Women of the real world, of yesterday, today or tomorrow, it doesn’t matter as long as they escape from everyday life through color. Intuitive colors chosen in the moment, on the surface of the canvas.

    The goal of art is not something too refined, an intellectual distillate – it is life, intensified – Alain Arias-Misson

    These women are her reflections, vital projections of her own human essence. She depicts the complexity of her conscious and unconscious emotions. It is through painting that she establishes connections with her inner self and the universe. Unconsciously nurturing a mirror-like relationship with her paintings, the face-to-face experience during the creative process is a revelation of consciousness. Her painting is the pure expression of her sensitivity, her empathy towards the world around her and the fruit of her introspections somewhere between depth and levity.


    As if dictated by the universe, colors and emotions are combined to leave room for the sparkle, for the interpretation of each viewer and for the act of sharing.


    She then becomes aware of the power of art.


    The sensitive painting of Romantism, Renoir, John Singer Sargent, Alexander Mc Queen, Milt Kobayashi, Iris Van Herpen, Tim Walker.

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    2021 First exhibition in a fair (Expo4art – Paris)


    2020 1st prize at the Bordeaux wedding show as a watercolor painter

    Creation of a stamp for the French Post Office