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    Josiane Torman

    Visual artist | France


    International exposure
    Group exhibitions


    Born in 1957 in Petite Rosselle, Josiane Torman is a French visual artist whose creations use a variety of media, ranging from painting on canvas and wood to printmaking (plant prints, monotypes), as well as working with wood in the form of collages and writings. Winner of the Limes prize in 1996, Josiane Torman lets nature enter into the details of her work, with vivacity and precision. Exhibited abroad, notably in Dakar in 2002, she recently presented books at the Marché de la Poésie where the art of the sign meets that of the word.

    Collection : Variations Botaniques

    Collection : Köpfe

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    Image impressions

    After having printed signs on pieces of wood, composing words and images, Josiane Torman reverses her approach. The wood and the grass take possession of the field of vision.

    Josiane Torman brings back to the surface, as if superimposed on her topographic maps, the unique visibility of things. Thus the scattered, the rough and the singular regain their possessions by softening upon encountering the eye, since in the detail resides not the global or the universal of a sign but that, which is unique, caught entirely in the amber of each individual thing.

    These diverse and unique compositional elements, with their tactile dimension, come together in a natural way. Each detail, which could refer to a more universal dimension, instead invites us to focus on

    the details of nature: this is what each individual element present in the composition crystallizes.

    The leaf, the stem, the scrape of the matter do not mean anything, signify anything, imagine anything other than what their vegetal existence can leave as a fresh trace. The trace is the precise and exact image of what remains to testify. The ginkgo leaf or the wings of the maple seed between the pages of a generation old book, leave this impression of an image that no hand has made.

    The traces are recomposed and come back to life; they become rhubarb, hare’s ear and mouse’s tail again, before grinding their paste with that of the trees, which have become sheets of paper lying under a soft press. Understood in this act, the power of the image is such that, when it is printed, it necessarily gives life to the support which receives it.


    Extract from a text by the philosopher Anca Vasiliu, director of research at the CNRS.



    2016-2019 Salon D’art D’art, Synagogue de La Ferté-sous-Jouarre – France


    • Artitude Gallery, Village Suisse, Paris – France
    • Center of art and creation, Aulnay-sous-Bois – France
    • 1er Salon D’art D’art, Synagogue de La Ferté-sous-Jouarre – France
    • Journée de l’estampe, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris – France


    • Salon des Créateurs d’Estampe, Place des Invalides, Paris – France
    • Salon of Contemporary Art, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris – France
    • Journée de l’Estampe, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris – France


    • Museum of African Art of IFAN, Dakar – Senegal
    • Eclats d’Arts, Ateliers Brûl’ange, Meaux – France


    • Un bestiaire, Stanislas Castle, Commercy – France
    • Le Manège, Exhibition with horses, Mey-en-Multien – France


    • 21st Salon of Viroflay – France
    • Three contemporary artists, Maison de la Culture, Gérardmer – France


    • Papiers peints,Collective Exhibition, Collage Gallery, Passerelle Art Center, Concarneau – France
    • Exhibition of Contemporary Art, College of Villeneuve sur Bellot – France
    • Classeurs d’artistes, Itinerant exhibition, Association Rhinocéros, Strasbourg – France
    • Contemporary Art Exhibition of Saint-Cloud, Musée des Avelines – France


    • International Exhibition of the Artistic Circle Limes – France, Germany, Luxembourg
    • Young Painting, Espace Eiffel/Branly, Paris – France

    1995 Bois noirs, Bossuet Museum, Meaux – France

    (Non-exhaustive list)


    1996 Limes Award