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    Kyoko Dufaux

    Painter | France


    International exposure
    Group exhibitions


    Née à Nagoya, au Japon, Kyoko Dufo vit et travaille actuellement à Boulogne-Billancourt, en région parisienne.

    Après avoir étudié d’abord au Mexique, elle a poursuivi ses études à l’Académie Julien en France. La Côte d’Ivoire et le Nigeria, où elle a vécu, ont élargi son univers de la peinture et l’ont aidée à développer son propre style, combinant les cultures japonaise et africaine.

    Exprimant un univers onirique et naïf, elle a pu collaborer comme illustratrice avec plusieurs maisons d’éditions, françaises (Bayard, Tourbillon), ivoiriennes (Nei, Nimba), japonaises (Kodansha, Child, Chuokoron-Sinsha), et obtenu en 2001 le premier prix du concours de livres illustrés de la galerie Pinpoint à Tokyo.


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    Art has always played an important role in Kyoko Dufaux’s life. From the very first glance at one of her paintings, one can feel an emotion of poetic simplicity rise from the folds of memory, all the more strange and familiar because it is not hindered by any of the barriers that age strives to erect between the world and childhood. This continuity of a magical figuration of the imagination in the artist’s existence reminds us that the language of symbols was created to respond to the need to escape from the gregarious forms of reality in order to reach out,


    perhaps to explain, those of dreams, visions, marvellous phantasmagorias that will never cease to live within us.

    Kyoko Dufaux was born in Nagoya, Japan. During the empty hours, which lie still and endless at the beginning of life, the influence of Buddhism taught her to contemplate nature, to absorb herself in its unexpected and marvellous forms, in its bright or fading colours, in the enchanting astonishment of the seasons’ finery. […]

    If the naive and powerful inspiration of the Douanier Rousseau shines through in Kyoko Dufaux’s work, it is nuanced by the allusive and subtle evanescence of traditional Japanese poetry, and more particularly by the fascinating meditative concentration found in haiku. […]

    In Kyoko Dufaux’s painting, an unknown space emerges where it becomes possible, as the extraordinary poet Rilke said, “to hear things sing”. Mexico, where the artist studied, the Ivory Coast, and Nigeria, where she lived, have broadened the atmosphere of her paintings to the point where they are able to reproduce that light of the world which appears to us in moments of grace and under which, in the time of an illumination, the secret harmony present in everything is discovered, fleetingly and maliciously, like the smile of Buddha. 


    Tristan Jordis, Writer


    Solo exhibitions

    2021 “L’enquête de l’amour de la nature” Maison Wa, Paris  

    2020 “Animality” Marchal&Co, Boulogne-Billancourt



    “Night train in the milky way “Tom’s garden, Nagoya

    “Night train in the milky way” Opale-Sud Media Library, Berck sur Mer


    2017 “Animality” Collete, Paris



    “Gravitazione” Paraventi Giapponesi, Milan

    “Otsukimi” Maison de Kiso, Paris


    2015 “Andel “Wakabayashi, Nagoya

    2014 “Tea for you” Arte Giappone, Milano



    “Paris Sky” Arte Giappone, Milan

    “Swimming Animals” Galerie Grand E’terna, Paris



    “Autumn” Reverse, Tokyo

    “Fantasia” Arte Giappone, Milan

    “The engineer and the sacred forest” SAMAN, Milano


    2011 “Ancient japanese tales” Arte Giappone, Milan

    2009 “Piisuke no sora” Otaru City Museum, Otaru

    2007 “Old Tales in Africa” Arts Pluriels Gallery, Ivory Coast

    Group exhibitions, art fairs

    2020 “Salon 4 Art” Paris



    “AESOP by 100 artists” Pinpoint Gallery, Tokyo

    “Les insectes” Grand E’terna Gallery, Paris



    “Witch by 100 artists” Pinpoint Gallery, Tokyo

    “MEBENGA” Como, Tokyo



    “One thousand and one nights by100 artists” Pinpoint gallery, Tokyo

    “Collectif des arts 9&18e Paris” Lycée Jacques Decour, Paris

    “Sennin” Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, UAE



    “Nonsense literature by 100 artists” Pinpoint gallery, Tokyo

    “Night Story” Spazio Misura, Milano



    “Little red riding hood by 100 artists” Pinpoint Gallery, Tokyo

    International Art Fair in Abidjan, Ivory Coast


    2021 “Il était une forêt” Edition Nimba, Ivory Coast        

    2020 “Les atomes des bois” Editions du pont suspendu, Paris,

    2018 “ANDEL” Chuokoron shinsya, Tokyo

    2017 “J’aime lire, la poésie” Bayard, Paris, “ANDEL” Chuokoron shinsya, Tokyo

    2016 “J’aime lire, la poésie” Bayard, Paris, “ANDEL” Chuokoron shinsya, Tokyo

    2015 “ANDEL” Chuokoron shinsya, Tokyo

    2013 “Le petit cheval rouge de Dalarna” NEI, Ivory Coast

    2011 “Jiraigen no ponn” Kodansha, Tokyo

    2010 “Haiti” NEI, Ivory Coast



    “Ayanda”, “Tout Rond” NEI, Ivory Coast

    “Kabano chindonyasan” SeiryuShuppann, Tokyo



    “The little blue boy” NEI, Ivory Coast

    “Piisukeno-sora2” Child, Tokyo


    2007 “Piisukeno-sora1” Child, Tokyo

    2006 “Jeux d’Insectes” Opie, Paris

    2003 “Un monstre dans la ville” Ebournée, Ivory Coast



    “Refugees and Mines” Sodobunka, Tokyo

    “Winter fact in Lapland” Tourbillon, Paris