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    Léo Litha

    Collage artist | France


    Group exhibits
    International exposure


    If it is the feather that makes the plumage, it is not the glue that makes the collage – Max Ernst

    Born in the north of France and still active in that region, Leo Litha was inspired by the Surrealist movement.

    Although he draws much of his inspiration from Max Ernst and Henri Matisse, his art is also intimately linked to his admiration for poetry, theater and sculpture.


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    Very involved in theatrical activities since his childhood, Leo Litha has written scripts, directed plays and created workshops for children.

    He has often placed himself in the middle of artistic and literary circles. Growing up with and inspired by the poetry of Jacques Prévert, he was exposed to poets such as Patrick Le Petit and Roland Doucet, and nurtured the seeds of his artistic development within himself. It was not until about 15 years ago that he began to seriously express his accumulated artistic worldview through collage.

    Since then, he has been working at an amazing pace, developing a style that is immediately recognizable to him.

    Birds, hands, lips and eyes appear frequently in his work, but the source images are a mixture of old and new. He respects chance encounters and never digitally creates the image he wants. He focuses on the manual process of cutting and combining the materials he encounters and draws from with his own hands, using scissors with great care.

    Leo Litha describes the process of his business as follows.

    The collage slowly takes shape until its final form.

    It all starts with encounters with meaningful images from my random finds.

    Then choose them, arrange them.

    Then comes the time of maturation, of the glance, of the choices, of the cutting and of the construction until meeting what I consider to be a true accuracy, an emotion and a personal aesthetic.

    Starting with paper, glue and scissors, I trust the eye, the hand and the cortex.

    I show without demonstrating.

    I propose without imposing.

    The work exists through the one who looks at it.


    Solo exhibitions

    2020 Leo Litha / Retroavangarda – Warsaw, Poland

    2019 Les mains blanches de la mémoire / Maison André Breton – Saint Cyr la Popie, France



    Collage exhibition / Orpheu Gallery – Liege, Belgium

    Collage – Il n’y a pas d’alternative / Bureau d’Art et de Recherche – QSP Gallerie – Roubaix, France


    2015 Sebastopol / La boulangerie – Lille, France



    Expo Leo / Kili Gallery – Brussels, Belgium

    I agree with Max / Estaminet de la fontaine – Verlinghem, France

    Group exhibitions

    2015 Expo Ballias / Atelier Ballias – Serans, France