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    Marie José Malargé

    Painter | France


    Awarded artist
    International Exposure


    Since her first exhibition in 1965, Marie José Malargé has presented her works every year in Paris, in the French regions and abroad.

    She has exhibited in the United States (1967, 1968, 1972, 2005), the Netherlands (1976), with Viera da Silva (1977), in Brazil (1979), as well as in Japan (one-year traveling exhibition in 1991).

    The State acquired two of her works, in 1980 and in 1983.

    Since her first exhibition in Paris in 1965, Marie José Malargé has remained faithful to her original technique: painting (gouache) with pen on paper.


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    I apply my gouache with a pen in a continuous graphism, each tone being obtained by superimposing primary colors.


    Starting from my perception of things as they are, modulating order, distance, angles of view, light and working in series, I am looking for this point of balance between figuration and abstraction where time is suspended and where art pleases the eye.

    Marie José MALARGÉ has chosen to live in Beauce, where the sky meets and devours the earth. Yet, the fields and the steeples resist. Thus the gouaches that we are looking at today are placed at the junction of terrestrial reality and the almost immaterial pen stroke that embodies it. Because Marie José MALARGÉ dips her small sharp penholders in pots of colored gouache and traces first of all a slightly orange, uniform background. From this wall will emerge what she chooses to illuminate and to explore (…)


    Seen up close, what this work recomposes is broken down into small, swarming signs. For Marie José does not draw contours. Everything she paints is born of fine, airy feather strokes that vibrate like a flight of insects. Serenely independent, carnal, even voluptuous, this work that shows the curved surface of nature requires, at the same time, another vision that dives, indiscreet, inside the created. A secret intimacy, buried, of the organs; a visible exterior, deceptively smooth: two sides of the same truth that the lucid artist flushes out a little more every day in the light of her work and her journey. 


    Extract from a text by Diane de Margerie


    Permanent Collections

    1983 Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, France

    1981 Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, France



    Jury Medal at the International EsArt Fair in Barcelona

    First prize of the jury of the International EsArt Fair


    2008 Biennale du VIème Art – 2nd place – Paris 06, France

    Group Exhibitions

    2021 Exhibition “Survol” / Château La Gadelière – 28- Rueil-La-Gadelère, France

    2019 Art Capital “Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’Eau” / Grand Palais – Paris, France

    1979 Collective exhibition / Ancienne Chapelle de Dreux, 28 – Dreux, 28, France

    Solo Exhibitions


    Castle of La Gadelière, 28

    BazArts Gallery, Dreux, 28

    EsArt International Exhibition, Barcelona


    2018 Exhibition Marie José Malargé / Mairie du 1er Arrondissement – Paris, France

    2015 Exhibition Marie José Malargé / Bonneval Art Museum – Bonneval -28, France

    2007 Exhibition Marie José Malargé / Gallery Lee rue Visconti – Paris 06, France


    Marie José Malargé’s exhibition / Gallery Montana – New Hamshire, USA

    Marie José Malargé’s exhibition / Musée du Papier – Rambert-en-Livradois, 63, France

    2003 Marie José Malargé’s exhibition / Gallery Lee rue Visconti. 06 – Paris 06, France

    1997 Exhibition Marie José Malargé / Museum Saint-Jean – Nogent-le-Rotrou, 28, France

    1979 Exhibition Marie José Malargé / Alliance française – Sao Luis, Brazil

    1976 Marie José Malargé’s exhibition / French Institute – Amsterdam, Netherlands


    2019 Paul Fuks – Introductory text, Exhibition museum of the Château de Senonches.

    2009 Roger Leloup – Introductory text to the positon of the Hotel de Montulé, Dreux

    2000 Diane de Margerie – Introductory text to the exhibition of Nogent-le-Rotrou

    1992 Diane de Margerie – “Le ressouvenir”, Flammarion

    1976 Diane de Margerie – Introductory text to the exhibition in Pontoise