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    Monique Maillon-Bussière

    Painter | France


    Gold Medal of French Merit and Dedication
    Member of the European Academy of Arts



    Introduced to the arts by her family at an early age, Monique Maillon-Bussière was attracted to classical dance, painting and music. She stayed with her parents in the American bases of Laon and Chinon, a true immersion in the culture of the United States in all its splendor. Suffering from physical and psychological pain following a disastrous operation, she began to paint red abstract canvases at the age of nine. She already expressed a style that foreshadowed her future projects.


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    Early career

    After working as an interpreter for a fashion house that entrusted her with the decoration of the Ritz Hotel gallery while studying, she taught briefly before leaving this position to work actively as a full-time painter in the 1980s.

    In the 90’s, her abstract paintings evolved as did her use of the color red. The use of gold dust and the combination of red, black and grey became more and more common, while her work was quickly recommended for exhibitions.

    International recognition

    In the 90s and 2000s, she becomes one of the most popular artists in France.

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    In the 90s and 2000s, she becomes one of the most popular artists in France. Her works are acquired by important private collectors as well as by public collections. She represents France in the Franco-Egyptian Year at the Cairo Museum of Art, which also acquires her works.

    In 2000, Monique Maillon-Bussière is awarded the Gold Medal of Merit and French Devotion, at the Senate, for Arts and Culture, and becomes a Member of the European Academy of Arts of France. She is the laureate of the Arts – Sciences – Letters, under the high patronage of French President Jacques Chirac in 2004.



    Since 1995, Monique Maillon-Bussière has had numerous exhibitions in art galleries in Italy, Switzerland and France. She also participates in international exhibitions such as the art fairs mentioned above, Lineart Gand in Belgium and Europ Art in Geneva.


    Salon Art 3 F

    • Paris
    • Brussels
    • Lyon
    • Marseille
    • Nantes
    • Toulouse
    • Mulhouse
    • Montpellier


    2014 Daniel Besseiche Courchevel Gallery – Paris, Knokke, Geneva

    2013 Daniel Besseiche Courchevel Gallery – Saint-Tropez


    Darré Gallery – London

    Pulse Art Miami – Los Angeles

    Zabbeni Gallery Vevey – Bern, Geneva

    Biennale of Florence – Italy



    Pulse Art Miami, Los Angeles

    Carla Magna Gallery, Paris



    Art Discovery Discovery, Crans Montana

    Affordable Art Fair, Brussels

    Pulse Art Miami, Los Angeles

    Lineart Ghent, Belgium


    2000 Gold Medal of French Merit and Dedication, at the Senate, for Arts and Culture

    2000 Member of the European Academy of Arts of France


    Laureate of the Arts – Sciences – Letters, under the high patronage of French President Jacques Chirac

    International professional artist of the UNESCO

    Media coverage

    2006 « Son rouge ? Un travail en finesse , unique , authentique qui lui ressemble tant ». André De Valkoff Genève 

    2005 « Artiste peintre largement reconnue au plan international se défend de toute parenté stylistique..»Eric Leigner. Art Critic . Lausanne 

    2005 « Travail uniqe , totalement nouveau ,créatif ! » Madame Kasper Morges 

    2003 « Parfois l’Artiste et ses œuvres ne font qu’un . » Swiss Info Genève 

    2003 « Nouvelles tendances . » Gilles Meunier TV 8 Mont Blanc 

    1998 « Une Artiste Française aux Beaux Arts du Caire » Radio Orient 

    1998 « L’Artiste joue la couleur de l’authenticité : le bleu . » Al Aram International Edition

    1998 « L’ écriture du temps. Une œuvre de grande envolée » Macdy Skadec for Al Shaab Al Arabi London

    1997 « Un hymne à la liberté. Le rouge Maillon. » Carole André Art Critic . Paris 

    Deco Française : « Un geste impérial, un rouge unique, un travail précieux qui lui ressemble …» Carole André, art critic, lecturer

    Private collections

    USA – Dallas, New York, Los Angeles

    Netherlands – Leiden, Amsterdam

    United Kingdom – London

    Switzerland – Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva

    Germany – Hannover, Frankfurt

    Morocco – Rabat, Casablanca

    Italy – Rome, Milan

    Egypt – Cairo, Luxor

    China – Shanghai

    Spain – Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia

    Belgium – Ghent, Brussels