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    Philippe Brame

    Photographer・Poet | France


    Awarded artist
    International exposure


    We are like water in water

    The water that keeps the secret of your body’s boat

    And also the sun’s sorrowful skin


    We are the intimate armor to all immensity

    An antler of space with the earth’s bark.

    After studying agronomic sciences and modern literature (he says that poetry is the main thread of his life), Philippe Brame resumed writing his poetic notebooks in parallel with his work as an educator in a medical-educational institute for blind children. From this experience, a work on the meaning of the gaze will be born.


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    Then he left for Africa as head of mission at the Centre for Research and Documentation on the Sahel. After the “presence” of blindness, it is the “presence” of death that enters his life. Philippe Brame will try to keep the memory – with his camera – of bodies decomposed by cholera and famine. To pass from the things we see and which are not, to those which are and which we do not see… Outside the world for a moment while being in it… Back in France, his meeting with Lucien Hervé (who followed the photographer’s work for ten years) guided him towards a photographic creation that reconciles the being and the act, the present and the absent… In the winter of 1999, he set up his new studio in the Aube region of France.

    His photographic and poetic works are regularly presented in France and internationally. He gives conferences and directs training courses in photography and poetry: Pedro Meyer Foundation in Mexico, Espace KIU Tokyo, French Institute of Oran and Tlemcen, Universities of Troyes etc.). He also gives lectures in public schools and as an artistic advisor for the association Tournefou in the Aube region (France).

    Brame, in his photographs, his poetry, does not only give us a new look, he shares with us a moment of intimacy…/…a metaphysical moment that compels us to interiority and meditation, a physical, tactile, sensual presence that exudes a tremendous contained energy. – Jean-Yves Coffre, Director of the Marnay Art Centre.

    Philippe Brame’s photographic work has always moved me with its rare aesthetic quality, that of a depth that does not seek effect, but finds it and reveals it. This artist does not capture the mystery: he liberates it. His eye shows that the secret of beings and things is only offered to the gaze that is able to contemplate it, to let itself be transformed, transfigured, gently, as if without thinking about it. No gaze is unfit for the crossing to the haven of the secret: it is enough to awaken its sleeping childhood. – Dominique Ponnau. General Curator of Heritage, Honorary Director of the Ecole du Louvre.



    2021 “Nature, sa prière”, Tenri Franco-Japanese Cultural Center, Paris

    2019 “Libre à Philippe Brame”, Musée du Hiéron (musée de France), Paray-le-Monial

    2018 “Evanescences”, guest artist at the Capazza gallery


    “Arquitectura de la luz”, Casa de Cohahuila, Mexico DF

    ” Pierre romane, caillou zen et fragment maya #1 “, Karinthy Galerie, Budapest



    “Evanescencia de frontera”, Larimar Gallery, Oaxaca, Mexico

    “Camille Claudel Grands formats”, external railings of the Prefecture, Department of Aube

    “Ronchamp, une architecture de lumière”, Porterie de Ronchamp by Renzo Piano



    “Partition”, Hungarian Institute of Paris

    “Camille Claudel La lumière procède du noir”, Dubois-Boucher Museum, Nogent-sur-Seine


    2012 “Arquitectura de la luz”, Fabrica de Imagenes, Morelia. Mexico

    2011 “Ronchamp-Vézelay”, French Cultural Centers of Oran and Tlemcen, Algeria


    ” Gloires de l’ombre “, Pintér Szonja Galeria, Budapest, Hungary

    “Corps espacé”, Scène Nationale Midi-Pyrénées – Le Parvis, Tarbes


    2005 “Conversations”, with Corinne Filippi, “Passages”, Contemporary Art Center, Troyes

    2003 “Duo”, with Lucien Hervé, Espace Maurice Clavel, Vézelay

    2000 “Les mômes pour le dire!” FNAC Photo Gallery, France


    2021 “Nature, sa prière”, French-Japanese art book (photographs and poems). Editions of the FLL

    2019 “Libre à Philippe Brame”, French-English art book (photographs and poems), Musée du Hiéron

    2017 “Présence de solitudes”, with Dominique Ponnau, Editions Gingko Paris

    2013 “Camille Claudel, la lumière procède du noir”, French-English book (photographs and poems), published by Camac

    2007 “Corps espacé”, French-English booklet, 30 numbered and signed copies, with an original poem by Lorand Gaspar

    2003 “Gloires de l’ombre”, French-English art book, printed by the Caisse des dépôts et consignations Paris

    Awards, grants, sponsorships

    2001 – 2004 – 2009 – 2011 – 2014 Assistance to the exhibition abroad, Champagne-Ardenne Regional Council

    2007-2013 Grant for creation, Champagne-Ardenne Regional Council

    2009 FIACRE grant, Ministry of Culture / DRAC Champagne-Ardenne, creation aid

    2005 Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations patronage, for Gloires de l’ombre

    2003 Kodak sponsorship for A l’ombre de la lumière

    2004 CANON sponsorship for L’arbre et l’eau, exhibition at the 21 Tokyo gallery. Prints (5 m x 1,44 cm Japanese paper)

    2002 1st prize at “100 works” Art Space Bastille Paris

    2001 FIACRE grant, Ministry of Culture, DRAC Champagne-Ardenne, help for the creation of a workshop