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    Wietzie Gerber

    Painter | France


    Awarded artist
    International exposure


    Abstract art can establish a line of communication directly from the artist’s inner vision to the viewer’s imagination and elicit a specific emotional response. Wietzie is inspired by nature and poetry, and she paints the world as she see it – imperfect and in constant change.

    ​Her work is part of the French Lyrical Abstract art movement, depicted by emotive, expressive, and imaginary compositions that emphasis colour and shape.


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    She creates her work through a unique technique of vigorous knife strokes that creates a textured and layered surface full of impasto markings. Thereafter she uses sweeping thick movements of paint in a dynamic spontaneous manner that depict the ephemeral nature of light and the passing of time.

    Joy Blossoms
    Wietzie portrait 3

    Artist Statement

    I am inspired by the French Lyrical Abstract style, which can be seen as a balanced elegant style of painting that is loaded with content from the natural world, often marked by sumptuous colour.

    French Lyrical Abstraction is about expressing something personal, subjective and emotive, and to do it in a poetic, abstract way.

    I use colors to explore the relationship between nature and art, and its continuing transformation. Changing from minute to minute, nature provides the perfect symbols for all our emotions in life: sorrow, joy, regret, yearning, wanting, frustration, anger, love, and more. Nature depict life in all its messy, glorious, colourful and fleeting moments.

    I use a unique technique of my own invention, by creating a thickly applied layered surface full of small impasto markings of paint with a palette knife.
    This decadent surface of texture brings my abstraction to life.

    My intention is to create finished work that is abstracted and more expressional than representational and I endeavor to generate a sense of intimacy while leaving the subject open to interpretation.

    I have exhibited world wide and my paintings can be found in private collections in France, Hungary, Germany, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, UK and South Africa.


    Permanent exhibit

    Yudian Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China


    2022  The Asset Times

    2017  Var Matin- L’Art Entre en Scene

    2014  The International Contemporary Artists Volume VIII


    2019  Arts & Talents award French government

    Solo exhibitions

    2019 Galerie Bleue / Valbonne – Valbonne, France

    2018 Galeria Gaudi / MADRID – Madrid, Spain

    2017 Vin & Art / Chateau de Saint Martin – Taradeau, France

    2015 Abstract Flowers / YLIP Gallery – Lorgues, France

    Group exhibitions


    Art3F Cannes / Cannes Gallery – Cannes, France

    Le cœur de l’art / Various Galleries – Tourrettes, France


    2014  Ciel et Mer / Galerie Axiome – Bordeaux, France

    2013 Chelsea Art Walk 2013 / Chelsea – New York, United States

    2011  West Vancouver Art Fair / West Vancouver Memorial Art Gallery – Vancouver, Canada