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    Yasuko Okamoto

    Painter | France


    International exposure
    Group exhibits


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    Yasuko Okamoto, a Japanese artist from Wakayama, Japan, has a very international background, having lived in various countries including France, Taiwan, Italy and Senegal.

    After graduating from Kobe University with a degree in English literature, she moved to the United States and earned a bachelor’s degree at Eastern Oregon State University, where a course on contemporary art sparked her interest. Back in Japan, she worked for an art dealer, and through contact with original artworks executed by Chagall and others, her love of art grew stronger and she decided to study in Paris to learn French.


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    She attended an art preparatory school in Paris for a year to learn the basics of drawing, the use of colour and other techniques. She also obtained a Master’s degree in English literature at the University of Paris VIII.

    This year of intensive artistic training was, according to her, the foundation of her career as an artist.

    Due to her husband’s transfer, she returned to France several times, spending a total of more than 10 years there. Her stay in Paris was the source of many artistic inspirations, not only in museums, but also in dance and film.

    In Paris, she frequented and worked in artists’ studios. 

    There she met many artists from different backgrounds, who gave her advice and inspired each other to create their works.

    From 2017 to 2022, she lived in Taiwan where she had a succession of activities: exhibitions, creative art courses, teaching and even a collaboration with a local composer of contemporary music.


    At the heart of her artistic creation is a balance between East and West: she is influenced by European and American artists of the 1960s and 1980s, but also consciously incorporates the composition and colours of traditional Japanese art. She uses mainly acrylic paints and sometimes collages with paper, sand and fabric to give volume and thickness to her work.

    She says that the more she lives abroad, the more she feels the splendour of the Japanese culture in which she was born and raised, and the more she is nostalgic for the kimono of her grandmother, the colours of the wooden buildings, the smell of tatami mats and the cherry blossoms in the garden zhen she zqs q child. In her paintings she tries to express a delicate balance between Japanese nostalgia and Western rational logic.


    Yasuko Okamoto seeks to create works that communicate with their audience without words, works that touch the viewer directly like a poem or a melody.

    Video of the production of the CD “Unconscious Mind” with the Taiwanese composer Lin Wu-Tung.

    The CD was produced by Lin Wu-Tung, who was inspired by Okamoto Yasuko’s art creation.


    Solo exhibitions


    Le Select Gallery Paris, France


    Gallery 43 “Conscience and Unconsciousness” Paris, France


    Zhaotian Art Bookstore Taipei, “Conscience and Unconsciousness”.


    Tokyo ART MALL Gallery “Memories

    Taipei FreeStyle Art Space “Memories


    Group exhibitions


    Hyatt Hotel “ART Futures” Taipei, Taiwan


    Beitou Times Gallery

    Collaboration painting x poetry x calligraphy “Illusion x exchange” Taipei, Taiwan

    Auction Center Taipei Gallery “Paris in Taipei” Taipei, Taiwan

    Auction Gallery Ethereal Maemi Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan

    Auction Gallery Taipei “Spring Collection”, Taipei, Taiwan.

    CC Gallery Selected Six Artists Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan

    Chung Hui Hong Art Center, City City Ji Gei Ji Epidemic City Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan.



    Exhibition of two people with contemporary musicians “unconscious Mind”.